Art To Eat Cookies: Almost Too Pretty To Devour

May 8, 2013

Art To Eat Cookies By Adell Shneer

Who doesn’t like a pretty cookie?  When I stumbled upon Adell Shneer’s Art To Eat Cookies, my mouth literally dropped open.  This is a perfect example of why Instagram works in promotion: I had been following another culinary professional, Mardi Michels of Eat Live Travel Write for quite some time, and when I saw Adell’s cookies on Mardi’s Instagram feed, I had to find out where to get them.  A Twitter introduction later, I found myself emailing with Adell all the way to Canada, trying to get my hands on her lovely cookies.  Since her cookie business is just getting started in the U.S., Adell was gracious enough to send me some samples so that I could share them with my friends.  What I also love about Art To Eat Cookies are that since they are individually hand-decorated, no two cookies are alike.  It’s like having a one-of-a-kind work of art in the palm of your hands.

Art To Eat Cookies by Adell Shneer 2

Art To Eat Cookies is a “culmination of a lot of my passions, art, baking, colour, and patterns,” says Adell.  If it wasn’t for Mardi and her Les Petits Chefs class, who participated in decorating the cookies featured on Instagram, I don’t know if I would’ve discovered these slightly-spiced and vanilla-sweet biscuit style cookies.  Really, I haven’t been this excited about cookies in a while; although, I do get excited whenever I see macarons, but, I digress.  If you’re planning to order your own batch for a party or event, they’ll hold up quite well. They are on the thick side, but not hard.  I’m bringing my samples to Seattle with me in a couple of weeks from the date of this post.  Oh, my lucky Seattle friends…


Note: her cookies are not currently wheat- or gluten-free, but I did take a bite into one to taste-test them before writing this post.  They are indeed delicious and worth going off my gluten-free diet briefly.  The things I have to suffer for due-diligence!

Adell is a food and recipe development professional based in Toronto, Canada.  To order her fabulous cookies, email Art To Eat Cookies.

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