Making Cooking Videos In 2013

February 11, 2013

Journal F: Instagram Breakfast
Hey, happy new year! The year started out crazy with work, so I’ve finally managed to eek out this post, because I’m excited about something. I’m trying to find new ways to keep blogging and doing what I love, so tech is on my side. A friend of mine, also a food blogger, started doing mini-posts recently, so it got me thinking about different ways to keep things interesting. Not every post needs to be an epic, right? Diving right in: recently, I discovered a new way to share what I make for breakfast in a dynamic way. I’m just going to go ahead and proclaim my love for Vine: a six-second video app. This offshoot of Twitter makes it easy for any chef, cook, or food enthusiast to produce a quickie tutorial or show-and-tell.  While the app is lacking a lot of features at the moment, part of the fun is the challenge of working within the constraints of the app: you touch and hold on the screen to record; release to stop. You repeat recording your mini-movie segments until you fill up the six-seconds.  

Without further ado, here’s one of my earliest Vine videos in which I made a pico de gallo omelet.  I did this in one shot, but it isn’t really hard unless you drop the phone or something, then you have to start over. Let me know what you think and if you’re on Vine. Download the Vine app on the Apple app store.

At the moment, I’m hosting most of my Vines as Kathy_Writer. Don’t forget to click the sound button!

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