Film Festival Darling ‘Shuffle’ Returns to #LA + My Review

October 10, 2012

Acclaimed independent film “Shuffle (2010)” returns to Los Angeles this weekend at the Bel Air Film Festival (October 12 – 15).  “Shuffle” is a short film about a “hit man with a change of heart [who] must play one last hand of poker with the mob boss who raised him within a criminal house of cards.”  Directed by Garrett Bennett and starring Aron Michael Thompson (as Bodhi) and Denis Arndt (as Big Boss), this film continues to garner “Official Selection” and all the “Best Of” accolades from film festivals across the country and internationally.  What’s the big deal?  You really have to watch “Shuffle.” See the trailer below.

[Editor’s note: “Shuffle” screens on Sunday, October 14 at 4:30PM. View BAFF site for updates and details.]


Cool “Shuffle” Facts:

  • Shuffle” was shot in and around Seattle (aka The ‘It’ Foodie city of the moment!)
  • The two lead actors are Washington natives: Thompson is from Seattle; Arndt is from Issaqua.
  • The card game scene was shot inside The Alibi Room (Seattle).
  • The car in the closing scene was secured just three hours prior to being needed on set.

Back in August, I ventured out to watch the Shuffle movie at Action on Film Fest (was “Official Selection”) and I will tell you, this suspense thriller is elegant.  Within a span of 17 minutes, I found myself fully immersed as the story unfolded on the big screen.  And, the story suggests it is un-finished.  I dare say, the story yearns for a sequel.  And, it is no secret that many of the film’s fans want a feature-length version.  I certainly do.  If you’re looking for the film to watch this weekend in Los Angeles, head over to BAFF to watch Shuffle.

For more information, go to SHUFFLE’s Facebook Page or Shuffle Movie online.

Buy tickets online to see “Shuffle”.



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