Art To Eat Cookies By Adell Shneer

Who doesn’t like a pretty cookie?  When I stumbled upon Adell Shneer’s Art To Eat Cookies, my mouth literally dropped open.  This is a perfect example of why Instagram works in promotion: I had been following another culinary professional, Mardi Michels of Eat Live Travel Write for quite some time, and when I saw Adell’s cookies on Mardi’s Instagram feed, I had to find out where to get them.  A Twitter introduction later, I found myself emailing with Adell all the way to Canada, [feed me…]


The Celery Root: A Great Winter Root VegetableDo not be fooled by this photo.  It is not a daikon radish.  This is my new love: the celery root, also known as celeriac.  First off, I don’t like celery.  I avoid it as much as possible. But, somehow, I had a hunch that the root of a celery would be different. Oh, it was so different, and it was good. Once I ate that creamy, crunchy-chewy root, [feed me…]


Kenda Sweet Rice Porridge: An American Recipe

March 30, 2013

If you haven’t heard of Kenda, it is a Sri Lankan rice porridge (or “congee“) made from white or red raw rice. I cooked this comfort food on a whim, simply because I was already simmering plain rice porridge for breakfast, but wanted to try something different.  Oh, man did it come out terrific!  In […]

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